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What Your Agent Is Not Telling You

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Of course, word of mouth is powerful, and an excellent agent will not be wary to give present and future end user their previous clientele as source of testimonials. Their willingness is an indication that all their former customers have only nice things to say. Real estate professionals are the experts in the domain of buying, selling and renting of properties. The industry might be simple enough for the naïve, but the market is complex and risky. One false move is costly not only in terms of money but a firm or an agent’s reputation as well. If planning to buy or sell, there are few things your agent may not be telling you. Best to be aware of these to effectively communicate with your broker in the future.

You are Overestimating the Monetary Value of your Home

We all love our homes and even if we are selling it, we tend to still be attached to it with all its sentimental memories that can’t be equated to money. Although for professional real estate agents, this is not the case. Of course, they will empathize with you and will gladly reminisce with you the first steps your baby took in the patio or the marks of your children’s height as they grow up in the kitchen door. But what they are after is how they could sell your house to its next owner who may well have the chance to experience the lovely memories you once had. But they could not do that if you would not set a realistic amount.

You could not sell your Home if it is Empty

People think that it would be easier for buyers to visualize owning a house as their own if it is empty. They could not have been more wrong. There may be a tendency for the buyer to think that their entire stuff will not fit as opposed to seeing your sofa and couches in the living room and your bed and closets in the bedroom. Obviously, they must not see your clutters. Tidy up and arrange your furniture and appliances to be aesthetically pleasing like every room is a page from your favorite home and interior design magazine.

Your House will not be sold for a Specific Room Only

Home owners with a specific passion and hobby are more likely to look after a particular part of the house that serves this interest. A chef or a cook will allot every resource to refurbish the kitchen. Someone who is outdoorsy, and an extrovert will prefer to beautify the garden and the backyard to have a place for evenings of barbeques and entertaining guests. If you spend tons of money renovating a certain part of your abode thinking it will be the selling point, you are unfortunately mistaken. Think about it, if you are moving to a new residence no matter how you love the kitchen you will still reconsider if the bathroom is dingy and or the cobblestones in the garden are mismatched. After all, for sale signs always say houses for sale Springfield, not kitchens for sale.

You Will not Save Money if you Don’t Hire a Broker

The idea of not paying for the services of an agent is tempting. But remember, brokers are more knowledgeable about the market than you. And you would not be able to compete with their years of experience helping clients buy and sell properties especially if you have a full-time job. Transaction dealings in the real estate market is time consuming that saving a few bucks for an agent’s knowhow is more troublesome than favorable.

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